Shaving Time Off with The Vectus

With client comfort being a common concern that every laser hair removal technician hears at Dermal Laser, it is nice to be able to provide somestones peace of mind to our valued clients, especially our new clients who haven’t yet experienced a treatment and may have lingering concerns about their comfort level.

Today on House of Beauty we are excited to share with you the Vectus


Ladies, in your lifetime, you will spend a total of 2 months shaving. Men, your number for that clean shaven look is 6 months! With that in mind, lets shave some time off and reduce your body maintenance with some laser hair removal!

The Vectus Laser has the largest spot size on the market speeding up your treatments and cutting back on your time in office making lunch hour treatments a reality for the New Year that is just around the corner.


At Dermal Laser, we love the latest tried, tested and true technology and the Vectus doesn’t disappoint our technicians in any department. With its Sapphire tip that houses state of the art cooling maintaining a temperature of 5 degrees celcius to keep your skin cool with every contact the Vectus makes your treatments safer and more comfortable.

If that wasn’t enough, the Vectus comes with advanced technology that measures the skins melanin.

Meet Skintel.  Skintel_Palomar

Skintel is used by technicians to determine the settings for each client that we see. Allowing our technicians to be made aware of the need to postpone treatments due to sun exposure or the use of self tanning products as well as treat your skin at its optimum settings for the best results.

Laser Hair Removal 101 (or a refresher for those of you who visit us here at House of Beauty regularly) reminds us that the darker and thicker the hair, the better your results will be. skintelThroughout your series of laser hair removal treatments, shaving is the only other method of hair removal that you can use.

Your technician will give you time lines in regards to when you can start treatments if waxing, threading and/or tweezing have been your removal methods of choice, typically 4-6 weeks is needed between stopping those methods and commencing a series of laser treatments.

The hair you have and how you have maintained it are necessary to review logofor your best results. Dermal Laser has been the winner of the Consumers’ Choice Awards for Business Excellence in the laser hair removal category for 7 consecutive years providing safe treatments to our loyal clients. Because of this, the safety of your skin, and the last laser hair removal refresher tip is an important one.

Sun exposure. You can’t have any for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to commencing treatments. Sun exposure is not limited to a flight to MexicoBeach-umbrella with our often grey Vancouver winters. Tanning beds and self tanning products all fall into a laser hair removal no go zone. They remain a laser no no prior to your first treatment and for the duration of your series of treatments that will be spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

Thanks for visiting us at House of Beauty! Don’t forget you can always ask us a question in the comments below! Stay tuned for some common laser hair removal questions, myths and misconceptions in our next blog!



Get That Glow Back!

Last time on House of Beauty, we shared some knowledge with you to get your glow back with one of our most popular treatments at Dermal Laser with Synerons elight, the PhotoFacial! elight

We know the excitement that a PhotoFacial brings to our clients, so today we will be focusing on what you need to know prior to your own treatment(s) as well as what to expect during your treatment itself and finally, post treatment.

Prior to having a photofacial treatment you will need to have no sun exposure, which will be achieved with both the use of a sunscreen (minimum spf30) as well as consciously staying out of the sun. Your skin cannot have any active ingredients for the

images72 hours prior to your treatment as they can make your skin far more sensitive, in particular to the heat and light used. The most common active ingredients are retinol (or cosmetic grade vitamin A), AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy acids).

Once you arrive in office without sun exposure or the use of active ingredients, your treatment will take 30-40 minutes during which time you can use a cooling machine (we use the Synercool) to make the treatment comfortable. Post treatment your skindownload can be red with minimal swelling, which will quickly subside. Your sun spots will darken and begin to flake off in the weeks following your treatment revealing far more clear skin after even just your first treatment!

The only question you may have left is, how does it feel? Prior to having your first treatment, you will have a free consultation where your medical history will be reviewed with a technician. As well, you will images (1)experience the feeling of this treatment when we do a small patch test area to help your technician determine safe settings for us to proceed with at your first treatment. Once the above safety precautions are met and your patch test are complete, you can be book your first treatment within 24 hours!

Skin Rejuvenation is usually done in a series of 3-5 treatments with improvement after every single treatment. When your series is complete there is minimal maintenance to maintain what is sure to be an amazing and youthful glow!

With the often dark and grey skies over Vancouver, this is a perfect time of year to focus on brightening your skin! We look forward to helping you meet your skin goals when you put your skin in our hands!


That Glow!

Have you ever looked at the skin of a baby and noticed it glows? Have you everbaby-face really stopped to understand why? This month on House of Beauty we will be walking you through Skin101 and how to get your glow back! One of our clients’ favourite treatments in office with us at Dermal Laser is Skin Rejuvenation. Really the name says it all. Who wouldn’t want their skin rejuvenated?

Skin Rejuvenation is done with a machine that uses intense pulse light (often referred to as IPL). Here at Dermal Laser we use Synerons eLight, which is the only IPL that combines synergy of light as well as radio frequency. Why do you want both? Read on and we will fill you in.elight

Simply put, the light used in a photofacial with the eLight is the colour corrector for your skin. The radio frequency is responsible for triggering the production of new collagen. It’s really a match made in skin heaven.

What does colour correcting actually mean? There are 2 colours in the skin that can easily be targeted and treated with the multiple beams of light that are being used to treat the 7 layers that make up the epidermis. Those colours are red and brown. “The reds” are primarily seen in the skin in the way of broken blood capillaries and rosacea. “The brown” is sun damage that has accumulated and may or may not be visible on the surface of the skin as sun spots or freckles, but either way it is taking away from your youthful glow.fountain-of-youth-e1427416250234

Moving on to the fountain of youth portion of your treatment! Radio Frequency travels to the dermis, or the skins factory where collagen and fibro blasts are produced. This triggers the production of new collagen and fibro blasts. Wait. New collagen? How is that possible you may ask. It seems too good to be true. But the reality is that anything that we do that heats up the dermis triggers the skin to produce new collagen that will lighten, tighten and brighten the skin, your skin. Fine lines appear finer. Pores are tighter and can appear smaller and the skin has a new found freshness and glow.

To paint you a clear picture of how this all works. Simply put, if you look at the skin of a baby, it glows. It glows because there are no “reds” there are no “browns” and_____1394683141 because of that, their skin is reflecting light rather then absorbing it. It is full and plump without any sign of wear and tear. If we take this a step further for you, if you look at the skin of the average grandmother, her skin probably appears quite dull. In part because of both vascular and sun damage residing in her skin are absorbing light rather then reflecting it, but also from the accumulation of dead skin on the surface giving it a grey appearance. The icing on the cake as far as results go after a photofacial, comes when you add in exfoliation. This will help to remove those layers of dead skin.

With your colour damage gone, the production of new collagen underway and the removal of dead skin cells, your skin will be fresh and glowing in the weeks following even just your first treatment. Bright with its new youthfulness and ability to reflect light, all you need to do is protect your skin from new damage with the use of sunscreen and general day to day care. Easy Peasy.

Next post on House of Beauty we will be getting into the business of what to expect at your free skin rejuvenation consultation as well as what to expect during and after your treatments! If you have a skin question or have something you would like to see  on the blog comment below!


Your Skin, on Laser Hair Removal

This week on House of Beauty is dedicated to educating you on who the ideal client is for laser hair removal and what makes them ideal as well as what you need to be aware of if you are not in fact an ideal candidate.

At Dermal Laser we use the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale to know your skin type. Theupload-105-946-74004085 Fitzpatrick Scale is a skin classification system developed by Harvard Medical Schools Thomas Fitzpatrick, MD.

Essentially, this scale classifies the typical response of different types of skin to sunlight and allows our technicians to know how your skin will react then during laser hair removal treatments.

At Dermal Laser we treat skin types 1 through 5 safely. Those skin types and classification mean your natural skin colour without the addition of any melanin, sunshinewhether it be from the sun or from adding pigment to the skin with the use of topical tanning products. A chronic tan, where a person has permanently altered their natural skin colour with ongoing unprotected exposure to the sun, is something that while it can affect with your skin type is, does not mean you are not a candidate as long as you fall into the skin types that are safely treatable with our in office lasers and have had no recent sun exposure.

If you come and pay us a visit with blond hair or fine hair, we will have to be honest img1347185745when we say that the laser works by targeting melanin, and blond hair has none making it non treatable. The hair itself acting like a highway for travel by the laser means that even a dark hair that is baby fine, lacking texture and thickness, is also not treatable. If treated, what will happen is the stimulation of hair. And no one wants to add hair to the body! 

How do our technicians ensure your safety during your treatment series? Let us educate you on what it is they are looking for at every treatment in your series. Your technician will be ensuring that you have had no sun exposure as your skin would then be at risk for being targeted by the laser possibly causing damage to the skin. And at the time of your treatment, you cannot be taking photosensitive medications as your skin will be far more sensitive to the laser.

Smiling blonde with hat covering eyes with copyspace

What can you do prior to your office visit to ensure that we do not postpone your treatment and that your skin is kept safe? As we have touched on recently here at House of Beauty we always want to see you protecting your skin from the sun. During laser hair removal treatments, this is of the utmost importance for the body parts being treated. That means wearing a sun screen daily, applying 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and reapplying every 2 hours when staying exposed to the sun. Walking in the shade, and wearing hats to cast shade on your face when outside are added additions to protecting your skin from sun exposure.

Between treatments, while you can shave any hairs that may be growing, you canHair-Removal-at-Tootsies not be waxing, threading or tweezing the areas being treated by laser at all. These methods of hair removal completely remove the hair and with the laser targeting the root of the hair, by using one of the above mentioned methods, you have removed the lasers target making your treatment not able to proceed.

With fall upon us here in Vancouver and winter around the corner, it is laser hair removal season at Dermal Laser. This is such a large topic with so much that we want to share with you and educate on! So stay tuned for us to revisit this topic in November. In the posts ahead we will be getting into skin rejuvenation (just in time for you to pay us a few visits before Christmas Party Season is upon us!)

If you have a question that you would like to see answered please add it into the our-team-dr-fungcomments below and with the help of medical director Dr. Fung we will answer it for you!


Education is Power

Laser-Hair-RemovalWe all dream of being that girl sliding into silky sheets with silky smooth skin on a crisp fall night or running our hand down a smooth chest that is stubble free. But how do we get there? The answer to that question, and many others is the focus for this months blog!

Muscular male torso isolated on white

This month of House of Beauty, we will be giving you an education in Laser Hair Removal. When done properly, and safely, the results are lasting and incredible.

Both cutting down on your time in the shower and time spent on your beauty routine. So this month we will focus on the questions that we hear the most as well as the questions that you, the client, should be asking.

We will be touching on everything from who is the ideal candidate, what you can do for your own safety prior to your treatment as well as what the technicians at DermalSafetyfirst Laser are on the look out for to keep you safe throughout your series of treatments. Treatment protocols and what to expect when in the office as well as the results you can expect throughout your series. And possibly the most exciting of all, what to expect when your treatments are complete.

With so much information available at our finger tips, why are we dedicating an entire month to this one topic you may ask. The answer is simple. While there is a lot of information online and easily accessible through a free consultation at any number Printof locations, there is a lot of misleading information and misinformation in general. As an industry leader in safety our team is both highly trained and trained in an ongoing fashion to stay on top of industry-leading technology and treatments. We have been an industry leader since we opened our doors in 1997 and are now an award winning company, many times over.

What does this mean for you, our clients and potential clients? It means that we want to educate you on a treatment that is one of the most unregulated medical procedures in Canada. Where there are no regulations in Canada whatsoever as to who can use and operate the equipment. That when money exchanges hands for a laser, there is one day of training provided. One day. Put yourself (and your skin) in the wrong hands and permanent damage can ensue.

In our next blog we will be getting into what you need to be first and foremost educated on and that is who is an ideal candidate for laser hair removal, and what makes them ideal. As well as what your options are if you are not. Here at House of Beauty, we want to hear from you! Do you have any questions on laser hair removal? Something you heard or read that left more questions, or that just didn’t make any sense to you? If so, comment below and we will address your questions with our medical director, our-team-dr-fungDr. Fung. With his amazing talent and experience of mixing artistry and science to help each client achieve their personal goals Dr. Fung is dedicated to understanding our clients needs as well as getting them to their goals safely and is here to assist us in answering your questions!


Skincare ABCs

With the glow of pregnancy skin under way, this is no time to slack on your daily skin care routine! There are plenty of quality products that you can use and enjoy the woman-washing-face-with-water-horizbenefits of throughout your pregnancy. Many that will also help prevent damage from occurring or reverse damage that may have already happened. We are excited to help you know what options we offer you as well as continue to educate you as to the “why” on each of them!

Whether your skin has stayed the same or has undergone some changes (for better logoor worse) with your pregnancy, targetting any excess oil as well as removing impurities from the skin should always be a welcome part of your skin care regime. You can do that for dry, normal or oily skin types with a targeted cleanser. At Dermal Laser we use ZO Skin Health and can confidently recommend their products to you.

FOAMACLEANSE is a gentle cleanser, good for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. NORMACLEANSE will help your dry to normal skin (adding in ZO’s exfoliating polish will give you your own mini microdermbrasion at home) and for more oily skin prone to breakouts OILACLEANSE is the right choice for you. If your skin, whether day to day or during your pregnancy has excess oil, the BALATONE calming toner will also help bring balance to your skin.

Now that your daily cleansing and toning has been covered, its time to ice the cake (as far as your skin care goes!) Times have changed, and the misconception that pregnancy means saltine crackers, minimal exercise and no respectable skin care products is behind us! As we discussed in our previous blog on Melasma, pigmentation issues can be easily avoided with not only sunscreen and the avoidance of daily times when the sun is at is strongest (think early afternoon hours) but also with the use of products that will break down damage that has already occurred allowing you to finish your pregnancy and start the next chapter called motherhood with beautiful skin!

Daily Power Defence defends the skin against the damage that has been caused by the suns rays. It is a staff favourite and when you see the results that will come from breaking down past damage, you will be a fan too!

C-Bright, with 10% Vitamin C, works by rapidly exfoliating skin surface pigmentation orange-juiceand preventing new melanin pigment from forming. It has powerful antioxidants to defend environmental triggers that stimulate new pigment formation and with its water free formula, it self activates upon contact with the skins natural water content maximizing exfoliation and stimulating collagen.

With advanced peptides, soy and liquorice roots, BRIGHTALIVE is your skins bff. AsLicorice-Root a non retinol skin brightener, it is usable throughout your pregnancy and beyond controlling melanocites in the skin and when used daily reduces the appearance of sun damage. The best part? Brightalive is a time release product and will release anti oxidants, vitamins a, c and e and restore hydration for 12 hours.

A quick reminder that sunscreen should be a part of your daily skin care routine, oclipse-sunscreen-primer-spf302before, throughout and after your pregnancy. The go to rules remain the same. Apply a minimum SPF30 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and every two hours when outdoors. ZO’s Occlipse sunscreen and primer has up to 6 hours of sun protection with its SPF30 and natural melanin, during your pregnancy we would recommend reapplying every 2 hours to stay on the safe side. The Occlipse-C SPF50 with titanium dioxide and zinc is good for both facial and body use.

Skincare ABC’s for pregnancy and beyond! Make it a routine now and continue to keep it up when your bundle of joy arrives!

Skin. Unbalanced.

When our hormones are out of balance, we run the risk of triggering Melasma. balanceWhether the unbalance is caused by pregnancy itself, birth control pills or other medications, the result can be the same. But as this is pregnancy month on the blog, we will be speaking in regards to pregnancy, while all info remains relevant to all out of balance hormones.

When women are pregnant and their hormones are changing that is when they are most prone to getting Melasma. This MASKhappens primarily on the upper lip, sides of the face and the forehead. When the hormones are in a state of change, the melanocites that produce melanin are activated causing brown discolouration, often referred to as the mask of pregnancy.

With no sun exposure throughout the pregnancy, this type of discolouration can resolve itself. But any sun exposure and this type of discolouration can quickly become permanent.

It is important throughout pregnancy to not only protect your skin with sunscreen, but also the additional protection of wearing hats, avoiding noon day sun and spending your outdoor time in the shade. Sunscreen in makeup tends to have a maximum ofoclipse-sunscreen-primer-spf302 spf15, this is simply not enough to protect your skin at this time. A minimum spf30 reapplied every two hours when outdoors is your rule of thumb.

The ZO Primer sunscreen is noted to have up to 6 hours of sun protection. Knowing you are in a time of heightening hormones, we would still recommend you err on the side of caution and reapply bringing your risk down to a minimum.

So what if you’ve had a day where you just can’t avoid sunlight? Well, you go into skin care damage control with the use of a Vitamin C Serum. We recommend (and juicy-orangelove) C-Bright which is a 10% Serum. By quickly exfoliating the skin to brighten your complexion, helping beneath the skins surface to prevent new melanin formation and the antioxidants at work defending against the triggers as discussed above, your skin is in good hands for fast relief and prevention.

Moral of the story is, don’t allow your healthy pregnancy glow to turn into a life long commitment with Melasma. With the right protection and maintenance in place your skin will make it through this often unknown high risk skin season with flying colours.