She’s Got That Glow!

Did you know that Canada wide there are more babies born in August then any other Unknownmonth? Seeing as we are in the midst of summer enjoying all things Vancouver this time of year, we thought we would celebrate pregnancy this month on the blog!

There are so many beautiful things to celebrate about pregnancy from the excitement of finding out you are expecting, to pickles-and-icecreamwatching your body evolve and enjoying the perks of some fun craving induced food. While few would argue that pregnancy is one of the most amazing times in your life, that doesn’t make it the most comfortable.

We have all heard about the glow of a pregnant woman, yet many don’t talk about facial-ft-853x1024
what pregnancy hormones are capable of doing to your skin. There is also some confusion as to what is and is not acceptable as far as skin care products and in office treatments go.

Rest assured, we are here to help! Next week we will be talking about some common skin issues such as acne and melasma caused by pregnancy as well as why it is crucial to wear sunscreen during pregnancy for prevention of life long permanent damage.

Do you have a skin related pregnancy question? We would love to answer it!



Let It Glow!

Sugar Cane. Pineapples. Citrus. Its recipe day on the blog today! But we aren’t infusing water (which you should be drinking lots of for your skins health) nor are we making you a smoothie! We are talking skin. And the ingredient list to give it the glow we know you all want!

Last week we talked about physical exfoliants, and this weeks focus is on chemical11780444_10152907168336836_186822405_n exfoliants. Don’t let the sound of it scare you. A chemical exfoliant simply helps to dissolve the dead skin cells and is a great alternative to physical exfoliants for those with sensitive skin as there are no grains or gritty bits that could irritate the skin.

We are confident that you’ve probably heard of AHAs and BHAs (Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids) and you will now learn that those are two of the best known chemical exfoliants that there are.pineapple

Simply put, AHAs are water soluble (meaning they dissolve in water) and originate from the sugars found in milk and sugars (often the sugars found in sugarcane and pineapple), in a product milk benefitsyou will often see this referred to as lactic and glycolic acid respectively. AHAs are suitable for both sun-damaged and dry skin. In addition to exfoliating skin, they also help the moisture content of the skin to increase and therefore improve. 

BHAs are lipid soluble (meaning they fully dissolve in oil or fat) the most common one being salicylic acid. Beta Hydroxy Acids are far superior at entering pores and dissolving the oily fat clogging your pores (gross, but amazing!) making it an amazing ingredient for acne prone and oily skin with blackheads and whiteheads.

Both acids are very effective and our skin care technicians can always help to design a program for in office and at home to care for all of your skin care needs. Speaking of in office. What do we offer in the way of peels? Read on. 

ZO Skin Healths Stimulator Peel can be enjoyed for all of its benefits in office at Dermal zo-obagi-300x285Laser Centres and includes a list of ingredients that your skin will thank you for!  (10% Lactic Acid 10% Citric Acid and 10% Salicylic Acid to be exact) While it can be used in general for overall skin brightening, it is best used for anti ageing and oily or acne prone skin.

If you fall into a category that won’t allow you to use the Stimulator Peel (think pregnancy, sensitive skin, or your skin is prone to eczema or rosacea) then we have papaya.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxthe peel for you! The Enzymatic Peel, which is made from the enzymes of both papaya and pineapple. With instant brightening and luminosity brought to the skin, and everyone with skin being a candidate for this peel, we are so excited to have it as an in office treatment for you!

Great for both anti ageing and oily acne prone skin. The Stimulator Peel can be done on its own as a single treatment prior to a function or as part of a larger beauty regime designed for you by a technician.

Call us today for a complimentary consultation and put your skin in our hands!


Lets Get Physical!

How do you like your textures? Fine like sugar? A little grainy like pepper? Maybe more coarse like Himalayan Pink Sea Salt? Like texture preference, there is always a preference when choosing a product to exfoliate with (and just toDollarphotoclub_51283405-1024x682 be clear, we aren’t suggesting you use pepper to scrub up before bed tonight!)

This week we are touching on physical exfoliants. And if we remember from last week, exfoliation itself removes the buildup of dead skin cells. If left alone, that dead skin that might seem harmless can actually be the cause of many unnecessary breakouts. When given an eviction notice, through exfoliation, you will reveal the brighter skin below. Pretty cool. And so easy! glass_wine_red_pouring_a_bottle_black_background_wallpaper(Just for fun, did you know you can actually exfoliate with red wine? In case you are home and don’t have time to see us for a treatment or shop for some new products, click here and do it yourself in the meantime with this fun Red Wine Sugar Scrub!)

So what does a physical exfoliation look like you may be wondering. Physical exfoliation manually removes the outer most skin cells with the most common at home method being a granular scrub (think oatmeal or sugar, like the soft lip scrub we told you about last week, as a base to give it little particles or grains). You do want to choose the right product to not damage your skin as ingredients such as fruit pits and many ground nuts or their shells can cause a lot of undue irritation. The use of a washcloth for product removal is, in itself, a gentle form of exfoliation.

At Dermal Laser, we offer an in office form of physical exfoliation called Microdermabrasion. It is the most common form of physical exfoliation, and is done with the use of DiamondTome technology, utilising a diamond encrusted wand to vacuum and exfoliate the skin gently. You heard that right, diamonds. In your skin care regime. How Loose-diamondsamazing!

The benefits are amazing and it is a pain free, no risk or downtime treatment! Some of our clients favourite benefits include that Microdermabrasion reduces hyper pigmentation, reduces acne scars, helps to control oily skin, reduces the look of your pores all while extracting blackheads and whiteheads, creating a smooth skin surface (which is great for makeup application) and adding to the overall improvement of your skins health.

The greatest thing about physical exfoliation is that you can use a combination of “do it yourself” mixtures if you’re in a pinch, use any number of wonderful products on the market, and you can balance that with an in office treatment as the icing on the cake (the cake being your skin!)

What is the wildest exfoliation product you’ve come across? Comment below! We would love to hear from you! (And just for fun we found you the list of the Worlds Most Expensive Spa Treatments which you can read by clicking here, we all agree that an Evian bath sounds heavenly!)


To Exfoliate. And How. That Is The Question.

July on the blog is all about scrubbing! But we aren’t talking scrubbing your floors, we have 5 blogs that are far more exciting! We are talking scrubbing your skin!

Today we are going to chat types of exfoliation and exfoliation basics. We will be getting into physical exfoliation, chemical exfoliation, body exfoliation and then our month end wrap up! (You know, with those beauty quotes that we hope you love as much as we do!)

By definition, exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface. Dead skin is not something we should leave hanging around. When we leave dead skin as is, our skin appears dull. That layer of dead skin absorbs light giving our face a very grey matte appearance. When we remove dead skin, we not only leave our skin fresh but also allow it to function properly. That means the skin will reflect light and appear healthy with a dew-like appearance.

There isn’t a magic list of dos and don’ts for great skin. But when we are talking about avoiding having dry skin therecoconut-oil-soap-recipe are some basic rules you can follow. Avoiding soaps that will strip your skin leaving it feeling tight and dry. Avoiding hot showers and baths that dry the skin. Moisturising the skin (preferably post bathing when the skin is already moist). Consuming enough water. And lastly, sleep. Click here for a great article on 6 amazing reasons to sleep for the health of your skin.

What little gem can we leave you with today? Lets start small and simple with something you can do tonight. So many people overlook exfoliating their lips! Imagine, something we spend so much time outlining and choosing the perfect shade of red lipstick for, in the end, is left dry and neglected!

diy-sugar-scrubThe simplest skin exfoliation tip we can give you is this: Mix olive oil and brown sugar to make a paste, apply to your lips and massage for a minute or so. Rinse off with the use of a warm face cloth and enjoy how soft your lips are! (You’re welcome)

We look forward to seeing you next week when we help you understand physical exfoliation and show you what your options are! (We are really excited as it will be a great post featuring both Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and red wine!)

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Beauty. Wrapped Up.

SophiaLorenJune has been lady beauty month here at House of Beauty and we hope you have walked away knowing that all of us at Dermal Laser are here to support your personal definition of beauty.

Having talked about the Vectus Laser and Zo’s Body Emulsion this month, what dawns on us as far as beauty is concerned at Dermal Laser comes down to one word. Safety.

BeautyAge1Whether you choose to treat your skin in office, undergo treatments for laser hair removal, or simply take home skin care products for daily use, your safety is of the utmost importance to us. If going forward you are interested in treatments, please always know that any technician needs to know the exposure that your skin has had to the sun to keep you safe. As well, the use of self tanning products needs to be disclosed. If you are looking into treating your skin, and/or the use of Botox or fillers, some skin care products that you may be using at home can play a role in your skins safety as well and should be properly discussed. Putting your skin in our hands means sharing your regimes and lifestyle honestly so that we can help you have the best of all worlds with the most effective treatments as well as using your at home products as close to and soon after treatment as possible, and our staff are here to walk you through that!

Regardless of what we may be seeing you for at Dermal Laser, there are a few things that we would like to encourage, in the name of beauty. Sunscreen is so important for not only your skins health and safety, but for the assistance in keeping your skins damage from the sun at a minimum (a general guideline is SPF30 every 2 hours when you are exposed to the sun, and yes that includes time spent driving) Water. While there are many recommendations as to how much water to drink, the standard 8 glasses a day is certainly still a popular “go to” and it will help you inside and out for not only your outer beauty but for your overall inner health. And sleep. It is, again, so important for your overall health, but for you looking (and feeling) your best!

We hope you have enjoyed this series of posts! July is around the corner and we will be talking exfoliation! Until then, embrace your beauty! And feel free to drop us a line below telling us how you are doing it! ~DLC

Head To Toe Care with Body Emulsion

At Dermal Laser, we love products! Especially when there is a staff fave across the board! And today we will share with you what we have all been using (and loving) for a while now!

Last week on the blog we discussed the Vectus Laser and this weeks product actually goes hand in hand with treatments as well as being an amazing stand alone product whether you have finished a series of treatments or haven’t had laser hair removal before.


As a stand alone product, Zo’s Body Emulsion will both soften and brighten the skin while correcting pigmentation and discolouration. This all occurs thanks to the combination of lactic acid, specially formulated retinols and emollients allowing for the creation and retention of youthful skin, in both the skins appearance and to the touch.

For our laser hair removal clients, this is a long term relationship waiting to happen between your skin and this product. Throughout your series of treatments you can use this product up to 48 hours prior to treatment. The use of this product, while not required, when used pre treatment will assist in removing dead skin cells, aka exfoliating the skin. What this will do during your treatment is help the laser to penetrate better rather then fighting its way through layers of dead skin allowing for better results.

5 to 7 days post treatment, you can start up your use of Body Emulsion and it will help to exfoliate both the build up of dry and dead skin as well as help the treated hairs to purge allowing you to see and feel the smooth results that laser hair removal brings!

Whether you are excited to prevent the loss of moisture in your skin with the hydration that comes from Zo’s Body Emulsion, excited to enjoy the smooth skin that will result from its exfoliation or happy to hear your skin will be nourished from head to toe we encourage you to add this product to your skin care regime!


Smooth. Is Always In Style.

We are excited to share our very first technical blog with you today! We train our staff to educate our clients during consultations and throughout their treatment series with us and now we are happy to plant some seeds of safety for you today as we chat a little smoothness, with the help of the Vectus Laser.

While laser hair removal has been around for some time now in Canada, there can still be a lot of misinformation on the market leading to misunderstanding prior to being in the right hands for treatment. With many lasers available, each with their own purpose, the results and expectations from each can also lead to confusion for the public who know they want the smooth skin that is splashed across the media in print and ad form yet have no idea where to start to achieve that goal. This is leaving many ladies shaving their legs still in 2015 and men staying committed to waxing their backs as they aren’t sure how to be safely treated.

As summer is soon upon us, we are going to focus on the Vectus Laser today and its amazing sidekick, Skintel.


The Vectus is a diode laser, simply meaning it works on skin from fair to dark. The Vectus is the fastest laser currently on the market with the largest treatment spot size, (or laser beam width; the Vectus being a rockstar with a 23mm x 38mm tip) Thanks to this, we are cutting your treatment time by more then half! With a few cooling methods on the market currently, you will enjoy the benefits of far less painful treatments thanks to the Vectus’ Advanced Contact Cooling system. The Sapphire treatment tip is helping to protect and cool your skin throughout your treatment allowing for a less painful, faster and safer treatment all around. Multiple overlapping passes are also quickly becoming a laser protocol of the past.

Icing on the cake? The Vectus is the only laser hair removal machine that has an apparatus to measure melanin content in the skin, and it is called Skintel.


This is a great tool for the safety of every client. While our technicians are well versed and able to assess each client manually with the help of the Fitzpatrick Scale (this is the scale used to classify the responses of different skin types to UV light) at Dermal Laser we use the Skintel to electronically give a reading as to melanin content. So what does this mean to you, our client? Treatment to treatment if a client has exposed their skin to the sun, while for the most part we could manually asses this, Skintel gives the operating technician feedback for optimum treatment settings and safety for each client.

Bottom line. Laser treatments have become faster, safer and the results have increased with the technology available to you, our clients. As if that isn’t enough, the cherry on top will come next week when we chat about topical products for home use allowing for better laser penetration pre treatment as well as for the long term health and look of your skin!

Thanks for reading along with us today! Have a question? Comment below and be sure to hit share to the social media of your choice to share this info with your friends! ~DLC