Shaving Time Off with The Vectus

With client comfort being a common concern that every laser hair removal technician hears at Dermal Laser, it is nice to be able to provide somestones peace of mind to our valued clients, especially our new clients who haven’t yet experienced a treatment and may have lingering concerns about their comfort level.

Today on House of Beauty we are excited to share with you the Vectus


Ladies, in your lifetime, you will spend a total of 2 months shaving. Men, your number for that clean shaven look is 6 months! With that in mind, lets shave some time off and reduce your body maintenance with some laser hair removal!

The Vectus Laser has the largest spot size on the market speeding up your treatments and cutting back on your time in office making lunch hour treatments a reality for the New Year that is just around the corner.


At Dermal Laser, we love the latest tried, tested and true technology and the Vectus doesn’t disappoint our technicians in any department. With its Sapphire tip that houses state of the art cooling maintaining a temperature of 5 degrees celcius to keep your skin cool with every contact the Vectus makes your treatments safer and more comfortable.

If that wasn’t enough, the Vectus comes with advanced technology that measures the skins melanin.

Meet Skintel.  Skintel_Palomar

Skintel is used by technicians to determine the settings for each client that we see. Allowing our technicians to be made aware of the need to postpone treatments due to sun exposure or the use of self tanning products as well as treat your skin at its optimum settings for the best results.

Laser Hair Removal 101 (or a refresher for those of you who visit us here at House of Beauty regularly) reminds us that the darker and thicker the hair, the better your results will be. skintelThroughout your series of laser hair removal treatments, shaving is the only other method of hair removal that you can use.

Your technician will give you time lines in regards to when you can start treatments if waxing, threading and/or tweezing have been your removal methods of choice, typically 4-6 weeks is needed between stopping those methods and commencing a series of laser treatments.

The hair you have and how you have maintained it are necessary to review logofor your best results. Dermal Laser has been the winner of the Consumers’ Choice Awards for Business Excellence in the laser hair removal category for 7 consecutive years providing safe treatments to our loyal clients. Because of this, the safety of your skin, and the last laser hair removal refresher tip is an important one.

Sun exposure. You can’t have any for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to commencing treatments. Sun exposure is not limited to a flight to MexicoBeach-umbrella with our often grey Vancouver winters. Tanning beds and self tanning products all fall into a laser hair removal no go zone. They remain a laser no no prior to your first treatment and for the duration of your series of treatments that will be spaced 6-8 weeks apart.

Thanks for visiting us at House of Beauty! Don’t forget you can always ask us a question in the comments below! Stay tuned for some common laser hair removal questions, myths and misconceptions in our next blog!



She’s Got That Glow!

Did you know that Canada wide there are more babies born in August then any other Unknownmonth? Seeing as we are in the midst of summer enjoying all things Vancouver this time of year, we thought we would celebrate pregnancy this month on the blog!

There are so many beautiful things to celebrate about pregnancy from the excitement of finding out you are expecting, to pickles-and-icecreamwatching your body evolve and enjoying the perks of some fun craving induced food. While few would argue that pregnancy is one of the most amazing times in your life, that doesn’t make it the most comfortable.

We have all heard about the glow of a pregnant woman, yet many don’t talk about facial-ft-853x1024
what pregnancy hormones are capable of doing to your skin. There is also some confusion as to what is and is not acceptable as far as skin care products and in office treatments go.

Rest assured, we are here to help! Next week we will be talking about some common skin issues such as acne and melasma caused by pregnancy as well as why it is crucial to wear sunscreen during pregnancy for prevention of life long permanent damage.

Do you have a skin related pregnancy question? We would love to answer it!


Gentlemen! Thats a wrap!


Lets wrap up this month of the man! We started with a Tom Ford quote, remember? (If not, now is a good time to head back to the beginning of April and catch up!) So as he is a force to be reckoned with as far as male beauty goes, lets finish the month with him! Why? Stay tuned and we will do a u-turn and end up back chatting Ford (Tom Ford that is)

Think of this blog as a sort of sports replay. The highlights of the game, if you will, where we remind you about what we have discussed and will project what we would like to see going forward. So far this month we have budgeted your time when leaving your house (or man cave) to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. We have discussed at length how polishing your car or motorcycle is the hands on hobby version of polishing your own skin, aka exfoliation. We have warned you about where to, and not to, apply cologne (remember? less is more, don’t put it where the sun shines or you will have some discoloured skin to live with) We had that math lesson where spf15 + spf15 did not equal spf30; that was so 2 weeks ago, and we assume that you have picked up an spf30 by now? If not, run (don’t walk) to 803 Davie Street in downtown VanCity or 1940 Lonsdale Ave, Suite 101, North Van to pick one up from our knowledgeable and friendly staff!

So lets lay out the practical “business” on how to tie this months tips together!

We recommend (and carry) the ZO line of products. They are a staff and client favourite across the board! Going forward we want to see you in person, we want to meet you and we want you to be one of our VIP clients, just like the ladies of Vancouver! You don’t need to commit a lot in the way of time or money for us to help you with your man maintenance going forward!

With summer basically having arrived, it brings the beautiful west coast weather. Beautiful on the beach, but less then ideal for your skin as it will tend to be a little oilier on average to start, and seem far worse in the summer heat!

Lets hope that, like Tom Ford, you have a nice daily schedule that includes taking care of yourself, your skin, your diet, and maybe this season you will budget some time for an in office visit every few weeks or month as our technicians will recommend! What would they be prescribing? Most likely a nice, and pain free, in office microdermabrasion treatment (thats fancy shop talk for physical exfoliation, and trust us, your skin will thank you!) We will probably send you home with some of ZO’s TE-Pads which you can use to keep your skin well cleansed between office visits as well as nicely maintaining any oily bits that might rear their head and seem like more of a burden in the summer heat. Really simply, they will remove dead skin cells, your pores will be deeply cleaned, and any inflammation or irritation will hit the road, so to speak.

To all of our male clients and readers, we hope you have enjoyed us focusing on you this month! Drop us a line with any questions! If our series of man blogs was clear as mud, then feel free to consider yourself a skin expert and give us a call to enlist us as your maintenance team at 604.638.SKIN (7546)